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Whatever your vision is for an outdoor design and landscape, Davis Outdoor Services can help you transform your existing look into something exceptional. We will create the perfect design that matches what you desire for your outdoor look. We work closely with our clients through the planning stages. Our design team will add character, aesthetic beauty, and artistic appeal that will increase your property value. Let us help you capture the natural beauty of your property. Davis Outdoor Services can help your home and business with design, installation, lighting, irrigation, water features, and Maintenance. Let us work on your next outdoor project and make sure you are getting the best out of your landscape.


Davis Outdoor Services are experts in designing and building beautiful hardscapes that enhance your overall landscaping appearance. Our brick pavers, stonework, and retaining walls help create the perfect outdoor living spaces. We specialize in creating the perfect professional solution for your property. If you need a walkway or a driveway installed, we are the answer to your needs. Our hardscaping experts will create an outdoor atmosphere that meets your needs. If you want to upgrade an old patio or walkway, we are the team to call. Are are the experts when it comes to Brick Paver Patios and Walkways, retaining Walls, Landscape Stone Work, or Seawalls. Best in class with professional services.


Davis Outdoor Services now offers snow and ice management as their proactive approach to the Winter season. Even before the temperature drops. we can formulate a comprehensive plan on how snow and frost on your site can be managed well. We do this by first walking every inch of your site. We map out and flag all traffic patterns, curbs, fire hydrants, and other possible hazards which may practically be invisible under snow. Our staff is strictly trained on snow equipment operation, as well as, on-site troubleshooting and safety. Exceptional, high-quality, snow removal services ensure that our customer’s properties are safe from accidents due to ice build-up and excess snowfalls.


Maintaining your lawn and landscape can be a tedious and frustrating job. It’s better to just leave the job to the professionals at Davis Outdoor Services to handle it. We understand the importance of maintenance and know what it takes to keep it looking fresh and beautiful. Nothing looks better than a green, fresh cut lawn for your home or your business. It is very important to mow lawns to ensure that your landscape will have a neat and uniform appearance. Of course, all the litter and trash will be taken out before the mowing. Should there be a need to trim down the lawn more often than just once a week due to weather conditions, we can remove excess clippings and dispose of them properly too.

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Spring is here! Removing leaves sooner than later will help reduce the damage to your lawn. Spring clean ups are a good way to do that. Start picking out flowers and seed for a early start. If you need a quote on any of these items please call the office 248*432*0404 ...

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